Prof. Yoav D. Livney


Prof Yoav Livney is an Associate Professor at the Dept. of Biotechnology and Food Engineering at The Technion, Israel institute of Technology.

His research interests include:

Physical chemistry of biomacromolecules in food; biotechnology and biomedicine
water-structure/lyotropic/Hofmeister effects of low molecular weight solutes, and their impact on macromolecules, particularly proteins
controlling formation and growth of hydrophobic nanocrystals using proteins
physical chemistry, structure and interactions of milk proteins
nanotechnology: Nature-inspired nano-delivery systems for nutraceuticals and drugs based mainly on proteins and polysaccharides
encapsulation of nutraceuticals for the enrichment of staple food & beverages, particularly clear drinks
multifunctional (e.g. Quadrugnostic) targeted anti-cancer drug delivery systems for oral or intravenous (IV) chemotherapy

Prof Livney has a PhD from Technion and has studied and researched at University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA), University of Guelph (Canada), and Massey University (New Zealand).

Prof Livney has been the recipient of many awards and distinctions, including:

President’s list of honors for scholastic achievements (Israel)
Certificate of Excellence in Academic Studies granted by the Education and Culture Committee of Israel’s Parliament, the Knesset (twice)
Teaching Excellence Awards for teaching assistants
Special Excellence Grant from the Miriam & Aaron Gutwirth Memorial foundation
Excellence Award in Memory of Prof. Arieh Litan
Summer scholarship for excellent students from the Technion Graduate School
Special Excellence Grant from the Miriam & Aaron Gutwirth Memorial foundation
Professional Member of the Institute of Food Technologists, The Society for Food Science and Technology
The Leah and Donald Lewis Academic Lectureship
The Alexander Goldberg Research Prize