Prof Perla Relkin


Prof Perla Relkin (AgroParisTech-France) was trained in Physics in the “Université Diderot-Paris/France”. She received the PhD and DSc degrees in Physical Chemistry from the “Université Pierre and Marie Curie”, Laboratory of Biomolecules of CNRS-Paris (1986).

After research and teaching activities in physics (B.Sc degree- French Ministry of Education, Paris) she joined AgroParisTech, the Paris Graduate Institute of Technology for Life & Environmental Sciences – one of the Founding Members of the “Université Paris-Saclay” which develop a strategy of international academic cooperation based on multidisciplinary high-quality training courses and cutting-edge research in Science and Engineering.

During almost 30 years, she continued at AgroParisTech teaching and research activities (B. SC., Master and PhD degrees) in the department of Engineering & Science of Food and Bio-products, a joint research unit of INRA (CEPIA department). She focused mainly on development of concepts and methods for characterisation of heat-induced structural changes in food ingredients (fat, proteins, polysaccharides) and particularly on physico-chemistry of molecular interactions, thermodynamics and kinetics of structural changes of protein-based systems (protein-stabilised emulsions, gels, nanoparticles, bioactive-loaded nanostructured systems) as related to their techno-functionality.

Prof Relkin was invited in several universities (Guelph-Canada; HUJ-Israel; PSC- USA; USP -Brazil…) for short or long-term stays for teaching or PhD thesis co-supervising.

She is author or co-author of almost 200 publications (original articles, reviews, book chapters, conference presentations, …) and she conducts other edition activities (reviewer, board member and guest editor) for Thermal Analysis and Food Science and Technology journals. She organised or chaired oral sessions, workshops or international symposia among which the previous DOF symposium (July 14 to 17, 2015-Paris), followed by a session on Food Technology and Related Areas at ICTAC 2016 (to be held in Orlando-USA from August 13 to 17, 2016).